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Near East Up North - Teaser COMMERCIAL

Classical Anatolian music, modern jazz and contemporary composed notes. For his Near East Up North, composer Martin Fondse looked for inspiration where he feels most at home: there where divergent musical worlds meet.

For his new project Fondse joined forces with saxophonist Mete Erker. In ninety minutes he lets the bluesy tones of Erker’s instrument strike an adventurous pact with the rich timbre palette of Asko|Schönberg and the languorous quarter-tones coaxed by kemence virtuoso Derya Türkan from his traditional stringed bowed instrument. Near East Up North: a musical search for new sounds on the intersection of improvisation and composition, jazzy rhythms and traditional Turkish melodies.

Crossover specialist Martin Fondse is a master at uniting the worlds of composed and improvised music. He and Mete Erker, together the initiators of this project, have done this before. They both work on the meeting point of jazz and contemporary music and try to break down the walls between musical styles and cultures.

camera, editing and music mix

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